23 June, 2008


TED.com is a must for those of us who love ideas and want to spread them. check out sir ken robinson's quandary on: do schools kill creativity? hmm, if only we were encouraged to colour outside of the lines.

10 June, 2008

alex cuba

enjoy alex cuba's tu boca lo quita. currently residing in b.c., alex is hailed as the new voice of cuba; his sound is soulful, easy and perfect for summer - yum!

09 June, 2008


on a walk in my neighbourhood i spotted these gorgeous orange poppies. what could be more lovely?

06 June, 2008

wendy nichol

brooklyn based designer wendy nichol creates unique jewellery pieces worth their weight in gold. earrings, cuffs and rings are individually crafted to ensure quality and originality. you can purchase wendy's stunning baubles online, or at retailers across the globe.

03 June, 2008

time to get inspired

i've been utterly uninspired lately, which could be a result of the miserable rainy and cold weather in t.o., so i thought that i would write a post about a company that was one of my original inspirations for this blog. ecojot is a superb stationary line that uses 100% recycled paper and is made from 100% post-consumer waste. with gorgeous design, created by my friend carolyn and brilliant colour, you cannot go wrong when choosing ecojot to write.

23 May, 2008

ikea hacker

loving all things ikea, i was thrilled when a friend told me about the blog ikea hacker which transforms plain old ikea stuff into original and innovative pieces - like the portfolio featured above which is fashioned out of two ribba frames, gorgeous patricia fabric and some additional hardware. say yes, to great ideas!

13 May, 2008

hilary hitchcock

hopscotch 2
open 4th
i love checking out poppytalk handmade for artists. this photography by hilary hitchcock is stunning - especially love the first two transfers.